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Hotels and Inns of Seville has a special color with Grouping. Enjoy great discounts on group hotel Sevilla almost as attractive as the city itself. Travels to Seville and discover one of the towns with more personality in Spain. Walk its streets full of life, he asks a fishing while enjoying the weather on a terrace or just lose yourself to find any of its charming corners.

Stroll beside the Guadalquivir, cranes his neck to see the Giralda, breathes deep aroma of southern night and surrender to the palms of flamenco. Grouping offers the cheapest prices for you and yours enjoy carefree Seville. We have a wide range of offerings throughout the city adapting to your needs. Feel free to check our group hotel rates with the best hotels. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Cartuja or the Palace of San Telmo are a small part of all that Sevilla has to offer. With discounts for groups will have money left over to make any plan. Choose hostel or hotel and spend a relaxing holiday in the Andalusian capital.

One of the most novel aspects of Seville is its appearance on the acclaimed HBO series "Game of Thrones". The light so characteristic of the city has been key to represent the kingdom of "Dorne" the most idyllic kingdom of all the series. Groups of Game of Thrones fans have to be pleased. Book a hotel for groups Grouping Hotels and travels the kingdom Dorne at the best price. Fill the form with your information and book your holiday. See our special offers in Madrid and Barcelona. We have the best discounts.

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