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The cathedral and Gaudi’s modernists buildings, such as Park Guell or La Sagrada Familia are must see places. Also visiting Montjuïc is very advisable; Barcelona’s panoramic views from there are just priceless. Strolling down Las Ramblas and Puerta de l’Angel is a good way to get to know the city and its ambient, as well as doing some shopping or visiting Picasso’s place and musem. Getting lost around Barcelona, enjoying Spanish tapas and trying some typical food such as tumaca bread… It’s a very versatile destination from which you can also have easy access, both by car ot boat, to Valencia or Mallorca.

If after spending all day long exploring Barcelona your friends and you need a bit of good music and some drinks, the best place to visit is the promenade area and the Oympic Village, where most popular bars, pubs and cubs are gathered. In case you’re looking for something more fancy and exclusive, Paseeig de Gracia is your place, most of the Barcelona’s top nightlife is done in there.

Staying in Barcelona for some days is a wise idea, but wiser it is to contact Grouping Hotels and enjoy the discount we can offer you and your group in your hotel booking.

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